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Portland, OR

The D Street Village Apartments is a 2-building mixed-use project, straddling the vibrant, fast-paced Division Street at 32nd Ave.; the heart of inner SE Portland neighborhood. Each building was 4-stories comprised of ground floor retail and parking, with a concrete “podium” at the second floor, then 3 stories of wood-framed apartments above.  Units feature upscale finishes and large windows.

Construction Cost:  $10,900,000

Contract: CP w/ GMP


No. of Units: 85 + mixed use

No. of Buildings: 2

Floor area:  85,000 sf


Duration: 14 mos. 

Completion: October 2014


Project Manager:  Paul Nickerson

Superintendent:  Mike Wolfe


Co-Developer:  Capstone Partners

Contact:  Jeff Sackett

Ph:  (503) 226-1972

Co-Developer:  Green Light Development

Contact:  Mark Desbrow

Ph:  (503) 860-5983


Architect: STACK Architecture

Contacts: Chris Spurgin; Francis Dardis

Ph: (503) 481-1332

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